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Almost a Year of…”Blogging…”

It’s been almost a year since I made my first post on this blog. All because one of my professor’s class assignments got me into it. I’m really enjoying it! It’s so much fun to write about my experiences and adventures, and pick out pictures I’ve taken overtime, and oh wait, I forgot I SUCK at blogging.

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Why I Haven’t Posted All Summer

Clueless whoooops

If I’m going to start writing blog posts again after nearly four months, my explanation might as well be one that relates to this blog.

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Hello, New Blog

Hello. Here’s Why I’m Starting This…

Hi there.

If anyone actually sees this, welcome to my blog!

I’m not expecting a lot of reads or anything, but I thought I could use a place to put some of my thoughts. I’m a shy person who has a hard time talking to people unless I’m close to them, but I aspire to be a good person. People seem to think that because I don’t say much, there’s not much on my mind of importance, or maybe even that I don’t want to talk to anyone. That couldn’t be further from true. I’m always thinking, and I want to connect with other people. My thoughts are deep. I would love to write some of them out and share my stories and encounters. So…if you do see this and my future posts, enjoy.