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Concerts Make My Soul Happy

Fun fact about me: I love concerts. I love music in general, and I listen to it all the time, but concerts are a totally different experience. There’s no similar feeling to that of seeing an artist or band you love perform live. And there are also times when you end up seeing bands that you haven’t listened to so much and you end up so impressed. Why am I talking about this? Well, a friend and I went to an all-day concert called Kerfuffle with nine bands this past Saturday, featuring Mainland, Mansionair, Family of the Year, Marian Hill, Robert Delong, Manchester Orchestra, Taking Back Sunday, Matt and Kim, and AWOLNATION. Since we’re on our school’s radio station and write for its online pop culture review site, the guy who runs the station putting on the event sent us two tickets with press passes included. Here’s how it went:

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I Don’t Understand Females.


I’ve always been the type of girl to get along better with guys. I’ve had several female friends over the years, but most of those friendships have long since deteriorated, and the closest I’ve ever gotten to having a group of female friends was with my two emo buddies senior year. One of them I’m still friends with to this day, and the other spread false rumors about me a month after I left for college. Do you see my dilemma?

I always see girls in groups at school and on social media, laughing and complimenting each other. Goofing around in a room with guy friends as we get into our game of Pathfinder, and enjoying dinnertime with my dudes almost every day at school, I feel happy. But I look around at all the clumps of girls everywhere and nervously wonder…am I supposed to have that?

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More Comfort in Your Room or Space!

Being a college student who spends a lot of time in a dorm room and a former high school student with my own bedroom back home (before my dad moved anyway), I know how important and personal that space is. Your bedroom is your sanctuary. Your safe place. You’re probably gonna want it to reflect who you are as a person and give you comfort. Like I said, my dad moved to a pretty small house after I graduated, so I lost my little safe haven and had to start over. But luckily, whether you’re in a college dorm room, you recently moved, you’re staying somewhere for the summer, or you just want to enhance your space, I’ve got a bunch of small and easy tips to help you feel more at home.

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