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Amateur Review of New Stephen King’s “It”

It Poster

As a lover of creepy things, I have been excited about the remake of Stephen King’s classic It since I had first heard about it last year. I was so excited to see it that I headed out to the theatre with some buds yesterday night (the day after it came out). I have not read the book (yet!), but I have seen the miniseries, so I figured it’d be fun to write a little review based on some comparisons and my overall opinion on the movie.

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I Trust too Easily (gettin’ personal)


All my life, I have held people to a high standard. I have expected more than I’ve been given. I’ve always thought that if I had a close friendship with someone, they would never hurt or leave me. I had always assumed that if someone who meant a lot to me told me how they felt and promised it was true, then it must be true. But people aren’t always the way you expect them to be. You may think you know someone, but that doesn’t mean they won’t break your heart.

There are so many people I will never stop caring about who just don’t seem to care about me anymore. I lost or grew apart from so many friends after starting college. I got my heart broken by the boy who promised me forever, rumors were spread around my hometown about me by one of my closest girl friends, one of the town bums tried to get revenge on me for not going out with him or giving him what he wanted, people I had hung out with everyday in school stopped talking to me, and one of my very own best friends pretty much cut me out of her life. All of these people meant something to me. They still do.

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Presentation Tips: How Not to Have a Heart Attack In Front of Everyone

please don't make me talk

I dread giving presentations. It’s hard enough talking to one person I’m not too familiar with, so the very thought of speaking in front of a whole class makes me want to drop out and move immediately. Actually…all the more reason to follow my secret dream of getting done with college as quickly as possible and adopting a bunch of cats. Sounds good to me.

But seriously, presentations can’t be avoided. You can go months without doing one, but sooner or later, your teacher will tell you that a required presentation is coming, and one day…it’ll creep up on you and all the cats in the world won’t be able to save you.

I had to present a PowerPoint (about my other blog funny enough) in front of my Digital Portfolio and Career Readiness class yesterday. Thirteen students and my professor. I spent half the day being nervous (class was at 2:30). When my turn finally came to go up, I was a little bit shaky and I could already feel the sweat on my back starting to form. Throughout my presentation, I said “so” and stuttered too many times, probably didn’t make enough eye-contact, and had a line of sweat on my forehead. Obviously I’m super qualified to give tips on this. Ha.

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Sunsets are Underappreciated

sunset and Bona clock

Anyone who really knows me knows that I absolutely-positively love sunsets. I will race outside if I see a nice one from outside of my window. And if I happen to coincidentally end up outside while there are beautiful variations of color in the sky, I might start freaking out. That’s what I did last night when I saw this after a stormy day of pouring rain and tornado warnings. But what shocks me is how other people don’t. My friends laugh at me for jumping up and down, squealing, and it’s like they don’t comprehend that the sky changes color every night. No two sunsets will ever be the same. What about that isn’t amazing?

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