About Me

All my life, I’ve struggled with being shy.

“You should talk more!” and “you’re too quiet!” are phrases I’ve heard all my life growing up, from people at school, people I vaguely know, and my dad. But a lot of people don’t realize how difficult that is for me. I want to be social. I want to use my voice.

Being shy is the feature I have that I have always dreaded above all the rest. For awhile, I would even get upset when someone called me “shy,” as I tried to convince myself that I’m just quiet. Although I have gotten much better with my speaking skills, it is still a part of my personality and I realize now that it probably always will be. So, instead of hating on myself for it, I have decided to accept it and use WordPress and other outlets to let out my thoughts and tell my stories.

As I said on my Home Page, this is life through the eyes of a shy girl.