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Life’s Beautiful Moments


On Thursday afternoon, I took a trip with four of my guy friends to Walmart. When we got back to campus, we decided to take a shortcut through one of the buildings. We go to a Franciscan-Catholic school (but students of any religion or none are welcome) so we have Franciscan Monks living here and walking around. They are wise, wholesome people who believe that it is very important to provide service to those in need. To them, every person is unique and worthy.

As we headed out the doors, they were chatting away and I laughed because whatever they had said was funny. We headed down the steps of the University’s brick building, and headed down the cement pathway. A Monk started walking toward us and stopped. He proclaimed, “I wish you guys could’ve seen my view just now. When all of you walked out of the building and down the steps together, I thought to myself, ‘they’re all friends.'” We chuckled, but then he said, “No, really. Watching you all walk out together like that…it was a beautiful thing to see.”

Not only was I amazed to hear someone say something like that over something so easily taken for granted, but I was amazed because he was right. We all started school here at the same time, and two of them had known each other for years, the other pair had known each other for years, and I had known none of them. I hadn’t known anyone at this school except for the few I met at orientation. But it is beautiful. It’s beautiful that a group of completely different people can come together and form such a close friendship. There are so many seemingly little things to be thankful for that we typically overlook. Life truly is full of beauty.


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