What’s Your Stereotype??


Stereotypes. There’s a few for all of us. Whether they’re about our race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, how we dress, our likes and dislikes, or our qualities, we have all seen and dealt with them in one way or another.

For me, my stereotypes have to do with how I dress, what I’m into, and my shyness. First of all, I often wear a lot of black, I listen to music commonly described as being “emo,” and I find myself attracted to a lot of darker things. But just because I prefer a band tee and converse over any other type of clothing, listen to songs with a lot of guitar and some yelling, and want to decorate my room with Halloween decorations, does not mean that I hate the world and worship Satan or any bizarre idea like that. I like what I like. The same goes for everybody else.

Now for my “shy person” stereotype. A lot of people I’ve come across tend to see shy people as goodie-goodies who never break any rules, spend most of their time studying, and even never get angry. But being shy does not automatically lead up to any of this. These things are just characteristics of one’s personality. Being shy also doesn’t necessarily mean that the person never does anything that a parent would consider to be “bad,” or never makes mistakes. Here’s a news flash: everyone gets mad, and everyone makes mistakes.

I do care a lot about school. I got good grades throughout high school (except in math, but let’s not talk about that right now), and I wasn’t one to go against the rules, and for the most part, disagreed when my friends did break them. I’m still like that today but not as much so as I used to be. As I have become more experienced, my mind has become more open. Plus, it’s not as if I’ve never done anything wrong. I’ve tried new things, and I’ve messed up…just as everybody else has.

Whether we’re black or white, rich or poor, straight or gay, athletic or not, etc., our stereotypes do not define us. We are who we are, and no joke, assumption, or theory will ever signify that.


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