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Conversation is Hard/New Friends

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Making friends can be difficult. For me, it’s easiest to focus on building a friendship with one person at a time.

Right now, I have a new friend who I’m just starting to hang out with. We went to the observatory on campus together, and today I’m meeting her in the cafe to do homework. I’m actually kind of nervous.

I think she’s really cool and I’d love to become close to her. At times, I’m not sure what to say, and she’s also shy, so I’m sure she feels that way too. I really want to become good friends, and I know we’ve got a bit in common. It’s just a little nerve-wracking because I’m not completely sure what to say or how to converse. It’s a problem I’ve always had.

For some reason, it’s as if when someone wants to have a conversation, my mind starts to go blank. Even with I’m alone with one friend, it isn’t always easy. Even then, I may not know what to say or the words just won’t come out. I’m quiet by nature. If it weren’t for my love of jokes and laughter, perhaps I would be content with peaceful silence, or simply listening to someone else’s voice.


6 thoughts on “Conversation is Hard/New Friends”

  1. I can most certainly relate! Though my friends have said that I have become more outgoing since when they first met me, if you put me in a new social environment, I become socially awkward and shy all over again. Even with some friends, I find it hard to carry a conversation and the anticipation that I won’t know what to say next is there even before I see them.
    ~ Bre


    1. I’m glad I’m not the only one! Sometimes it’s hard and I get upset with myself over it. It often feels like I’m the only person who has this trouble, so it’s really nice to know that there are people like me out there who get it.

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      1. Most certainly not, the struggle is daily sometimes; I am blessed that I am no longer in school because every school day was something to push through and to face. But now’s there’s work….

        ~ Bre


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