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College Life: My First Party

dance partyCollege is…interesting. I’ve always seen college students in movies and tv shows partying. There’s been more emphasis on the parties than any other part really-other than when my teachers in high school gave those “your professors won’t let you get away with that in college” lectures (which I have not had any issue with yet by the way). But other than generally showing students outside of class and never getting work done, the movies aren’t that wrong. There are parties every weekend-starting on Thursday.

I don’t party. I don’t even do partying activities. My idea of a party is eating junk food and watching movies with my cousin/best friend or binge-watching a show with friends on Netflix. I went to my first party ever here in college on February 4th (not including birthdays). I’ll describe that night’s experience:

My roommate, a shared friend of ours, and I went to one of the kid’s rooms on our floor for the “pre-gaming.” It really involved me sitting on a bed uncomfortably, lightly chatting with my only friend in the room (other than my roommate). As more people started to pile into the tiny 17′ 4″ by 10′ X 10″ room, I began to feel more and more left out. I looked at people when they talked. I smiled and even nodded, as if they wanted me to be apart of the conversation. I do this tactic often, but I’m really not too sure how well it works. I can recall at least fourteen or fifteen people being in there, and eventually it got to be too much. I left the room to go find one of my closest guy friends who also lives on our floor. He had told me earlier that day that he would go out with the group to make sure I was okay. Not long later, I was informed that we were heading out. A couple of the drunk kids fell in some snow on the way, but their alcohol-happy minds thought it was hilarious. Soon, we arrived at “Mansion,” one of the townhouses and destination for the night. We were welcomed by some older guys at the door, and stepped inside.

The inside of the house was dirty and unappealing. For awhile, I hung out with my guy friend, my drunk friend that I had chatted with in that crowded room earlier, and her crush. I hadn’t met him until then, but I found him to be very nice, and he only left her side a couple of times that night. She clung to me and told me not to leave her, while giving compliments to every girl that walked by. I felt comfortable despite my surroundings. We moved into the dining room next. It was dark, and it had so many people dancing in it that it was almost impossible to get around. My sober guy friend stayed next to me and my other friend. I thanked him for being there, because I really appreciated his protection. He left after awhile, and my friend, her crush, and I slipped into the hallway. It was quieter and we could hear each other without having to yell over the blasting music. My roommate had been dancing around, and she visited with us for a bit. Some kid who doesn’t go to our school came as someone’s guest and had passed out from molly. Other than that incident, the empty beer cans laying around, one girl’s puke, and the dirty dancing in the background, it was sort of fun. I enjoyed hanging out with my friend and her crush, and some other party-goers would occasionally come join us. I talked to a few people that night that I otherwise wouldn’t have had the confidence to say “hi” to, and who otherwise wouldn’t have talked to me. One of the guys who was really drunk even kissed my hand and bit my phone case. Oh, and my roommate ended up making out with a gay guy.

When it was time to go, my roommate, friend, and I were prepared to walk but not quite sure where to go. One of the older guys on the porch kindly called, “Don’t go that way! Y’all too lit! Head straight down the road and watch for cars.” I embraced the responsibility of making sure my friends got back safely, and the crush came along to make sure that we all did.

Overall, it was a nice night. I felt a new confidence in myself. A drunk girl had told me to embrace my pretty, curly hair, and I had even talked to a few new people. The only problem was the emptiness I felt when I’d gotten back to my room. I’ve considered going out a few other times for the social interaction, but partying is really just not my thing. Maybe I’ll go to another one before freshman year ends. Maybe.


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